Bon voyage, jet lag – fresh review of Lumos by CNET

Flying to Australia is fun! …until you think about the 20-hour flight and being jet lagged on 16 time zones away from where you started.

CNET editor Lexy Savvides has tackled this challenge many times, but thanks to our Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, she was finally able to arrive jet lag-free when she arrived in Australia! Here’s what she said in her recent Wearable Tech article:

“I was shocked at how much better I felt compared with previous journeys on the same flight. I was energized and stayed up until my usual bedtime… The next day I felt totally adjusted to Sydney time, with no jet lag symptoms. ”

To hear the full story, watch her trip to Sydney with Lumos.

Of course, we want everyone to share Lexy’s wonderful travel experience with Lumos. That’s why we are taking pre-orders from everyone now. Pre-order your Lumos Smart Sleep Mask today and say goodbye to jet lag!


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