Name five people in your life that aren’t sleep-deprived in this fast-paced society…can you?

The sleep deprivation epidemic, brought on by our fast-paced lives in a modern society, is largely due to our evolutionary body clocks getting left behind to keep up with our rapidly changing schedules. In the United States alone, 95 million people are affected by poor sleep caused by jet lag, shift work, and ever-changing sleep schedules due to the stress and work/family demand. For businesses, it leads to a $63.2 billion loss of revenue each year, due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. It’s time to say goodbye to these preventable losses.
Founded by Stanford scientists and funded by the NASA-affiliated research institute, Lumos is developing an intelligent sleep platform that harnesses the power of light to help people sleep and organically recharge. The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask uses light therapy technology developed and validated at Stanford’s Sleep Lab to optimize the user’s body clock for sleep. With demonstrated efficacy in multiple human trials, Lumos is the only scientifically proven sleep solution that actively adjusts the body clock for sleep improvement without disrupting daytime activities.
Started by tackling the ubiquitous issue of jet lag, Lumos offers a solution for organizations to actively improve employee performance while reducing productivity loss, and for the hospitality industry to gain a competitive edge by enhancing customer experience. Supported by B2B customers from major airline alliances and the US government, Lumos is on its way to take over the sleep market top-down. Combining user data and behavior therapy over time, Lumos provides a reliable non-pharmaceutical sleep solution for travelers, shift workers, teenagers, elderly, and anyone looking to naturally improve sleep.
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