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Sleep Science

Everything about Daylight Saving Time!

It’s the time of the year again. Twice a year, we dance with time, manipulating the clock hands to either …

Sleep Science

Can warming your feet help you sleep better?

When it comes to sleep tips, experts typically recommend having blackout curtains, maintaining regular sleep schedules, getting morning light exposure, …

User Story

Lumos Mask: A Game-Changer for Athletes – The Josh Kerr Case Study

In the world of professional sports, the difference between winning and losing can often come down to the finest margins. …

Lumos updates

Join our National Science Foundation’s Teen Sleep Study!

Are you a teenager, or do you have a teenager in your life? Are they having problems staying up too …

Lumos updates

Shedding Light on Night Shifts: Preliminary Study Results

Night shift workers are the unsung heroes that maintain the essential functions of our society, from saving our lives to …


Lumos Mask’s Impact on Jet Lag Recovery

We can all agree that jet lag is the worst. It can disrupt sleep patterns and dampen travel experiences, making …

Sleep Science

Rise and Shine: How to Wake Up Energized Every Morning

Do you often find yourself hitting the snooze button, struggling to shake off the remnants of sleep? We all do …

Sleep Science

How can technology be used to improve sleep quality?

Getting good quality sleep is vital for protecting physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, an estimated 50 to 60 million adults in …

Black color alarm watch
Sleep Science

Why is it important to keep a consistent sleep schedule?

Sleep is a vital aspect of our overall health and wellbeing, and getting enough high-quality sleep is essential for a …

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