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Lumos updates

We are recruiting for our night shift study!

  Night shift is sooooooooooo hard. We feel you. We have been working closely with healthcare professionals in the past …

Sleep Science

How your teens can sleep better – insights from the latest research at Stanford

If you know any teenagers or pay attention to the community, you have probably heard about the sleep-deprivation epidemic among …

Sleep Science

What can you do to improve your sleep?

A comprehensive review from a Stanford scientist and sleep-clinic patient After decades of research and debate over the merits of …

Sleep Science

Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Quality

In an early grant we co-wrote with our scientific advisor, Jaime Zeitzer, was this gem of a sentence: “A misalignment …

Lumos updates

Lumos at ACTE Paris 2018!

What’s better than telling travelers about Lumos? Telling 600 corporate travelers about Lumos in Paris, the most beautiful city in …

Sleep Science

The science behind adjusting your circadian rhythm with light

In very simplistic terms, sleep is regulated by two body systems: the homeostatic sleep drive and the circadian biological clock. Homeostatic sleep …

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