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Lumos updates

Bon voyage, jet lag – fresh review of Lumos by CNET

Flying to Australia is fun! …until you think about the 20-hour flight and being jet lagged on 16 time zones …

Lumos updates

There must be something special about this Lumos Sleep Mask on The Wall Street Journal…

What’s better than a great write-up in The Wall Street Journal? Being written up in The Wall Street Journal twice! So …

Sleep Science

Sleep products at CES 2018 — from the eye of a scientist

Being genetically prone to poor sleep, I’ve spent all my life searching for sleep solutions. I’ve tried countless sleep products on the …

Sleep Science

9 Tips to make your holiday travel healthier and more pleasant

One more day and we are saying hello to the holiday! No matter whether you are a VC who is …


Lumos Smart Sleep Mask in WSJ!

Mark Ellwood at the Wall Street Journal just took our Lumos Smart Sleep Mask with him and enjoyed a jet lag-free …

Sleep Science

The science driving the CDC’s new report on school start times

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report outlining the chronic loss of sleep experienced …

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