We are recruiting for our night shift study!

  Night shift is sooooooooooo hard. We feel you. We have been working closely with healthcare professionals in the past two years and heard many stories about the negative impact of night shifts on sleep, energy, and health. If you are one of those who work day and night to keep our society running, we […]

Lumos at ACTE Paris 2018!

What’s better than telling travelers about Lumos? Telling 600 corporate travelers about Lumos in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world 🙂 Happily, I had the opportunity to do just that at this year’s annual summit of The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE). The ACTE is a globally recognized, premier corporate travel organization that […]

Bon voyage, jet lag – fresh review of Lumos by CNET

Flying to Australia is fun! …until you think about the 20-hour flight and being jet lagged on 16 time zones away from where you started. CNET editor Lexy Savvides has tackled this challenge many times, but thanks to our Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, she was finally able to arrive jet lag-free when she arrived in Australia! Here’s what […]