The science driving the CDC’s new report on school start times

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report outlining the chronic loss of sleep experienced by 2 out of 3 (!) American teenagers due in large part to early school start times. Many people wonder why teens can’t simply adjust their bedtime in order to clock the 9 hours of […]

How to arrive at your destination jet lag free and feeling good

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Why do I feel so miserable after a long flight? After a long flight across numerous time zones, you emerge from the airport exhausted and disoriented, a feeling you struggle to shake for the first several days of your trip. What is going on? This all-too-frequent scenario for people who travel frequently is a result […]

Me and my social jet lag

There has been a bit of buzz around social jet lag on the internets over the last couple weeks, mostly from this piece that the Huffington Post picked up from Since social jet lag is something that our technology can help with, I thought I would write about my own experiences with social jet […]