Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is Lumos for?

The short answer; everyone.  Biologically all humans are prone to poor sleep when there is misalignment between your body clock and your sleep schedule. This gap makes it difficult to fall asleep (restless) and wake up (groggy), and might even result in frequent wake ups at night. A simple example of this is jet lag, however, there are other common obstacles that can knock your sleep out of alignment.

Night shift

Your body is naturally designed to sleep at night when the lights are out, and up during the day when there is sunlight. This is contradictory to your sleep schedule on a night shift.

The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask could help you adjust your body clock based on when you want to sleep. A single use of Lumos may shift your body clock by 2-3 hours or more given a regular routine.  Both comfortable and functional, the Lumos mask can also help you block the light if you have to sleep during the day.

Night owls

Night owls often have difficulties going to bed early and getting up early in the morning. A large part of this is controlled by your natural body clock. Lumos may help you fall asleep early at night and wake up refreshed with our Sunrise feature, in the morning.


Biologically, the secretion of melatonin, a chemical our brains pump out to tell our body it’s time for sleep, can be delayed by 2-3 hours during our teenage years.  Most school and work schedules start early in the day, which makes it hard for you, or your teen, to get the right amount of sleep. Lumos, softly adjusts sleep schedules so that you, or your teen, gets the rest they need.

Change of sleep schedule

Occasionally you may need to get up 3 hours earlier for an international conference call, or “burn the midnight oil” for a one off event, project, or other important events. Use Lumos a day in advance to stay at peak performance, when you need it.

About the science

What is the body clock?

Your body clock, or, more scientifically, your “circadian rhythm,” is the single most important factor of your sleep quality. It determines when you’re tired and when you’re wide-awake. The body clock regulation is so important that it exist across all animals, not just humans!

What do scientists know about the circadian rhythm and how to change it to improve sleep?

While bioscientists have known for decades that your circadian rhythm is regulated by exposure to light, the scientific community hasn’t found an easy way to improve sleep utilizing this knowledge. Only recently, through research at Stanford University, have scientists discovered a truly easy and effective way to softly adjust your circadian rhythm, outside of our natural patterns dictated by the sun and organic light.

How does the Lumos light therapy work?

The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask was designed to bring the Stanford scientists’ groundbreaking discoveries in the lab to real world application for people like you. The Lumos mask emits short, low-intensity light pulses to adjust circadian rhythm which, due to special properties of retinal biology, is the most effective, and practical way to adjust your circadian rhythm and improve sleep.

Is the Lumos light therapy safe?

Absolutely. After clinical validation in the laboratory, the Lumos team has been working with a range of beta testers to understand how this amazing breakthrough operates in the real world. At the core, the light coming from Lumos does the exact same thing as natural sunlight, stimulating the same neurological pathway to help shape your circadian rhythm. When worn during your regular sleep schedule, Lumos will shift your body clock without disrupting your normal sleep. Once we correct the misalignment between your circadian rhythm and your sleep schedule, you will sleep better no matter whether you are at home or on the road.

Does Lumos have any side effects?

None that have been observed. This is important, so allow us a moment to talk some science to reinforce that statement. The millisecond light pulses technology incorporated in the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask has been tested on people across multiple studies at the Stanford Sleep Lab, and no known negative side effects have been observed in human use to this point (see studies below). The light intensity from Lumos Smart Sleep Mask is orders of magnitude lower than the intensity of light a human eye will be exposed to doing normal activities during a normal sunny day, and the pulse frequency orders of magnitude less than the frequency that can induce seizure and epilepsy.

Despite the safety evidence from lab studies, we recommend that users who are on non-sleep medication or suffering from any sort of serious medical conditions check with their doctor before using the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, and discontinue use if experiencing any sort of adverse reactions such as dizziness or migraines.

What evidence do you have that Lumos actually works?

The light therapy technology behind the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask has been rigorously tested in multiple human trials conducted at the Stanford Sleep Center with experimental subjects and control groups. The results validated the efficacy of the light flash technology in regulating human circadian rhythm; adjust your body clock. Read more about our studies published on peer-review journals including the Journal of Clinical Investigation, PLoS One, and Journal of Biological Rhythms.

About the Mask

How is the mask connected with the app?

The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask is controlled by the companion cell phone app via Bluetooth. The app will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How is the mask charged?

The battery in the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask usually lasts for 2-3 days of normal use. When the battery level is low, simply charge the mask by plugging it in via the micro USB charging port at the top of the mask. Charging for 30 min to an hour before use is recommended.

Is the mask hard or soft?

We understand that no one wants to wear a hard device to sleep, so we have spent a lot of time working with our testers to make sure that the mask is light, breathable, soft, and comfortable.

How do I keep my Lumos clean?

The mask cover is removable and washable, so you can take out the electronics and machine-wash the cover in cold water, using a laundry bag, then air drying. Do not put the mask cover in a dryer.
If your mask cover is worn out, you can order a replacement.

How should pack and travel with Lumos?

Made of soft materials, the mask is easily squeezed out of shape especially when put inside bulky luggage. We’ve built a specially-designed travel case which comes with our Smart Sleep Kit to make it easy to travel with Lumos.

Can I easily bring Lumos onto the plane with me? Is the battery a concern?

According to the FAA, products with lithium batteries will be allowed in both carry-ons and checked bags, so Lumos is compliant with regulations when packed either way. Always good to check the latest regulation to be sure.


What are some reasons why I don’t sleep well?

Poor sleep could result from various factors such as poor sleep environment or poor sleep hygiene. It can also happen when your circadian rhythm tells you to stay awake while you are trying to sleep. You might experience this when you travel across time zones, work on night shifts, or simply having a misalignment of circadian rhythm with your sleep schedules. Due to the nature of sleep, it’s not easy to pinpoint specific causes of poor sleep. You should consult a sleep doctor for more information if poor sleep persists.

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