Lumos Mask

Super Sleeper Membership
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$298 + $99/year

Lumos Travel Case

$29 USD

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

$15 USD

What’s in the Box

How to activate your Lumos


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What’s included in the Super Sleeper Membership?
Lumos Super Sleeper Members will get access to the Lumos Sleep App, which enables all the light therapy functionality, including the sunrise alarm and the personalized sleep programs.

Download the Lumos Sleep App

Can I use the mask without the Lumos App?
The mask functions as a regular soft, breathable sleep mask without the Lumos Sleep App. You can still use it to block light and get better sleep!

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When does my Membership start?
Your membership starts when your Lumos Mask is delivered and when you activate the membership in the Lumos Sleep App.

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    Lumos Travel Mask

    Protective travel case for your Lumos Mask
    Great add-on for a gift

    $29 Only

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