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$5.00 exc. VAT

Lumos Smart Sleep Mask

  • Ergonomically designed eye mask
  • Adjustable strap
  • Patented low-intensity light therapy technology
  • Removable electronics piece
  • micro-USB charging cord
  • Bluetooth connection to iOS app

Super Sleeper Membership (iOS app)

  • Sunrise alarm
  • Personalized sleep programs for night shifts and travel
  • $15 (the price of 3 cups of coffee!) per month early bird price for a 12-month membership*
  • The device comes free with the 12-month membership

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  • Pay a $5 deposit today
  • The fully-refundable deposit will be used towards membership purchase
  • Free Protective case ($29.95 value) with membership purchase
  • Inventory available late 2022
*Terms and prices are subject to change.
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    Lumos Sense

    Environmental light is essential for the health of your circadian system. Lumos Sense helps monitor light in your daily environment.

    Personalized sleep programs

    Whether you are traveling across time zones or working graveyard shifts, Lumos will generate a personalized sleep program for you to get your best sleep.

    Lumos Mask

    With its sleek and comfortable design, the Lumos Mask makes it easy to rest easy.

    Readiness evaluation

    A real-time look into how ready your brain is to take on the day.