Insights into your
circadian rhythm

The Science of Sleep

The scientific formula for a good night’s sleep is deeply embedded in your circadian rhythm. Think of it as your body’s 24-hour clock that ebbs and flows throughout the day to decide when you feel sleepy and awake. Poor sleep happens when there is a misalignment of your circadian rhythm and your sleep schedule, causing difficulties falling asleep and waking up. Lumos technology uses short light pulses to shift your circadian clock back into alignment.

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms are natural physical, mental, and behavioral oscillations that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes exist in most living organisms and respond primarily to light and darkness.
Poor sleep occurs when one’s circadian rhythm and sleep schedule are misaligned. For example, traveling to a different time zone or working night shifts result in drastic changes to sleep schedule that leave one’s circadian rhythms in the dust.
Circadian rhythm misalignment causes:
The Lumos Sleep System uses patented light technology designed to shift your circadian clock back into alignment. Our goal is for you to enjoy restorative sleep and perform at your peak, regardless of where you are or when you work.
To learn more about how Lumos technology works, watch this video from Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, an Associate Professor at Stanford.

Circadian rhythm is more than sleep

Our body goes through natural cycles of physical, mental, and behavior changes in a 24-hour cycle. The master circadian clock in the brain sets the timing for many circadian rhythms that regulate various processes in our body.
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