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    Reserve your Lumos


    Lumos Smart Sleep Mask

    • Ergonomically designed eye mask
    • Adjustable strap
    • Patented low-intensity light therapy technology
    • Removable electronics piece
    • micro-USB charging cord
    • Bluetooth connection to iOS app

    Super Sleeper Membership (iOS app)

    • Sunrise alarm
    • Personalized sleep programs for night shifts and travel
    • $15 (the price of 3 cups of coffee!) per month early bird price for a 12-month membership*
    • The device comes free with the¬†12-month membership

    Sign up to get early access 

    • Pay a $5 deposit today
    • The fully-refundable deposit will be used towards membership purchase
    • Free Protective case ($29.95 value) with membership purchase
    • Inventory available late 2022
    *Terms and prices are subject to change.