Lumos Tech Smart Sleep Mask

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This high-tech sleep mask helps you stay focused.

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Better Sleep in Three Steps

Set your preferred sleep schedule with our companion app

Wear the comfortable Lumos mask when you go to sleep

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go

Lumos Tech Smart Sleep Mask

Lightweight & Comfortable

Portable & Durable

Sleep Tracking & Analysis

Drug-free Solution

Sunrise Simulator

Energy Booster

The Science of Sleep

The scientific formula for a good night’s sleep is deeply embedded in your circadian rhythm. Think of it as your body’s 24-hour clock that ebbs and flows throughout the day to decide when you feel sleepy and awake. Poor sleep happens when there is a misalignment of your circadian rhythm and your sleep schedule, causing difficulties falling asleep and waking up. Lumos technology uses short light pulses to shift your circadian clock back into alignment.

To learn more about how Lumos technology works, watch this video from Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, an Associate Professor at Stanford.

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