Meet the Team

Our mission is to solve sleep with science.

We’re a team of scientists and engineers working together to help people get a good night’s sleep.

Vanessa Burns, Co-Founder of LumosTechVanessa Burns, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and CEO

Vanessa began her scientific career at Caltech, earning a degree in bioengineering and a minor in English. She then completed her PhD in Systems Biology at Stanford University. Her research focused on understanding the effects of chronic stressors (like sleep deprivation!) on neural activity, particularly in depression. Vanessa is interested in translating basic science and engineering discoveries into consumer health solutions, particularly related to personalized health and wellness. As more of a night owl, Vanessa typically uses our sleep mask to maintain a regular morning sleep schedule.

Biquan Luo, Co-Founder of LumosTechBiquan Luo, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and COO

Biquan received her scientific training from the University of Southern California after completing her undergraduate degree at Peking University in China. She then joined Stanford University for postdoctoral research in personalized medicine. Her research focused on utilizing large genomic datasets to predict disease progression and optimize treatment strategies. She is very interested in the quantified self movement and believes that the human body should be maintained through regular routines powered by science. Biquan uses the Lumos mask to eliminate jet lag during her trips to China, and she was one of the earliest testers of the prototypes, when they were still hand-sewn!

Advisory members

Professor Jamie Zeitzer Jamie Zeitzer, Ph.D

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jamie Zeitzer is an Assistant Professor at the Stanford University Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine. Dr. Zeitzer is a key opinion leader in the field of circadian rhythm disruptions, has authored more than 50 publications in the field, and conducted numerous clinical trials related to sleep and circadian rhythm disregulation. He examines the manner in which humans respond to light and ways to manipulate this responsiveness. His work has direct applications in jet lag, shift work, and altered circadian timing. Dr. Zeitzer and his collaborators discovered the effects of short light flashes on circadian rhythm – the patents of which are exclusively licensed to Lumos.