The Power of Light Understanding the Science Behind Lumos Sleep Mask with Dr. Jamie Zeitzer

The Power of Light: Understanding the Science Behind Lumos Sleep Mask with Dr. Jamie Zeitze

Circadian rhythm is a crucial aspect of our daily lives that affects our sleep, energy levels, and overall health. This internal biological process is regulated by the exposure to light and darkness, and it plays a vital role in determining when we feel awake and when we feel tired.
In recent years, the importance of good sleep and the negative consequences of disrupted circadian rhythm have become increasingly evident. A recent Washington Post article explored the importance of circadian rhythm to sleep, and how technology may help regulate the circadian rhythm.
The article mentioned some of the research highlights from Dr. Zeitzer, who is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Scientific Advisor of Lumos. By combining light flash treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy, teenagers woke up earlier, got to bed on time, and slept an average of 45 minutes longer.

“Zeitzer is a scientific adviser for a sleep mask that flashes light through the eyelids in the wee hours of the morning, just enough to rewind the brain’s clock without waking its wearer until sunrise. Compared with continuous light, flashes may be more effective at penetrating the eyelids to reach the brain, according to a study published last year by Zeitzer and other scientists in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.”

We are honored to be mentioned by the Washington Post article! Based on decades of research by Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, our Lumos Sleep Mask helps people sleep better and wake up more refreshed by simulating natural light patterns. This gradual exposure to light helps the body prepare for waking up or falling asleep, making the transition smoother and less jarring. This helps keep the user’s circadian rhythm in sync and ensures they get the best possible sleep.
Along with the Washington Post article, we are happy to see the trend of increasing circadian rhythm awareness. We hope more people learn about the importance of circadian rhythm and how our Lumos Sleep Mask can help. We are expecting a batch of masks in March. If you are interested, sign up for our mailing list. You will be the first one to know when the masks are available!
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