There must be something special about this Lumos Sleep Mask on The Wall Street Journal…

What’s better than a great write-up in The Wall Street Journal?

Being written up in The Wall Street Journal twice!

So as you may have seen, Lumos was on The Wall Street Journal again last week! Some of you may have known us from the previous Wall Street Journal article where a reporter tested our product for jet lag and really liked it. This time the article talked about high-tech masks to help people sleep, and Lumos was on top of the list for its amazing ability to adjust circadian rhythm for jet lag, shift workers, and night owls.

(Illustration courtesy The Wall Street Journal)

Here’s one juicy detail from behind the scenes:

The editors were very impressed by the comfort of the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask sample that we sent them, so they wanted to emphasize the comfort by revealing the materials in the article. However, we think that you early adopters should be the first to know what the mask is made of, so we decided to keep the materials a secret for now. Apparently, The Wall Street Journal didn’t like mysteries, so the discussion about comfort and materials was left out of the article in the end 🙂

That being said, we are still thrilled about our coverage in The Wall Street Journal. The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask will be available very soon. Reserve yours now and let us know on Facebook or Twitter just how comfortable the mask is once it’s in your hands!

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