Lumos Sleep Mask

A good night’s sleep 

starts with a dialed circadian clock

We use light therapy to regulate your sleep patterns, help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer your day. 

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Circadian rhythm is the foundation for a good night's sleep.

When this foundation of sleep is compromised, scientifically known as circadian rhythm misalignment, sleep and well-being are on the line. 

Poor sleep

Difficulty falling asleep

Trouble staying asleep

Wake up earlier than planned

Jet lag

Poor sleep from night shifts


Brain fog

Loss of memory

Slow reaction time

Low energy

Trouble waking up

Sleeping in

Daytime tiredness

Mental health

Low mood



Compromised health

Weakened immune system

Weight gain and obesity

Increased risk for cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Lumos Smart Sleep Mask

We use patented light therapy technology to help you strengthen the foundation of sleep, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


jet lag

Transition for 

night shifts



Wake up 


Reset for 



savings time

Scientifically Crafted Solution for Better Sleep

Studies at Stanford University have demonstrated that short light flashes were effective in regulating human circadian clocks.

Science behind our Technology

Based on decades of research from Stanford University

Product development supported by NASA, DoD, and NSF

Tested in multiple human-subject studies (IRB-approved)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lumos help me?

Can the Lumos Sleep Mask help me sleep better?

Picture your circadian clock as the solid foundation of a good night's sleep, much like a well-built house. Various activities can compromise this foundation, affecting the quality of your sleep. The Lumos Sleep Mask is designed to be your structure engineer for sleep, offering customizable light therapy to support and strengthen this essential foundation. By having a dialed circadian clock, you may naturally have better sleep, higher energy, and improved well-being. 

Can the Lumos Sleep Mask help me fall asleep faster?

If you find yourself trying to sleep at times when your body isn't naturally inclined to, it may take a while to fall asleep. Lab studies with biomarkers have shown that the light technology in Lumos was effective in shifting human circadian clocks. By shifting your circadian clock, you can prepare your body for sleep earlier, making the process of falling asleep more efficient. 

 I want to wake up early.  Can I use Lumos?

Certainly! Lumos equips two different tools to help you wake up early. By shifting your circadian clock, you can prepare your body to fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier. 

In addition to the light flash programs design to shift your circadian clock, the Lumos mask is also equipped with a feature with gradual light simulation. By simulating a natural sunrise, the Lumos Sleep Mask gently signals your body to wake up, aiding in a smoother and more energized morning transition. 

 How does Lumos help with jet lag?

Jet lag occurs when our circadian clock falls out of sync with a new environment, leading to sleep difficulties and daytime grogginess. Normally, the body can adjust to a 1-hour time zone difference per day, so transitioning from the US to Europe might take about a week. The Lumos Mask utilizes effective light technology known to shift human circadian clocks. By incorporating Lumos before your trip, you can prepare your body for a quicker and smoother adaptation to different time zones.

 How does Lumos help with night shifts?

Lumos is designed to support individuals working night shifts by addressing the challenges of circadian rhythm disruption. 

Light therapy, like what we deliver in the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, may help you adjust your circadian clock based on when you want to sleep. Additionally, both comfortable and functional, the Lumos mask can also help you block the light if you have to sleep during the day.

In our DoD-funded night shift study, participants using Lumos consistently demonstrated higher alertness during night shifts and improved sleep both during the night shift rotation and in post-shift recovery when compared to not using Lumos or using placebo control. 

 How may teenagers use Lumos?

In our teenage years, our bodies naturally produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing chemical, 2-3 hours later than in adulthood. Early school and work schedules can make it challenging for teens to get enough sleep.

A study from Dr. Zeitzer's lab at Stanford showed that brief light flashes, used alongside cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i), helped teens go to bed earlier and sleep an extra 45 minutes each night. We've incorporated this light flash technology into the Lumos Mask, bringing this research to you or your kids for better.

Can I use the Lumos Sleep Mask if I have a sleep disorder?

Lumos is not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any sleep disorders. If you have a sleep disorder or suspect that you may have one, it is better to talk to your doctor, or even better, get an appointment at a sleep clinic to get further help.