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On the road and at home
No matter whether you are traveling across time zones or working graveyard shifts, or simply want to wake up feeling refreshed, Lumos has you covered.

Jet Lag

Previously when I came home from Bali I had brain fogs for several days and jet lag for three weeks. Now I just hit the ground running every time.
Susan Bennett

Night shift

The biggest difference is (on) my first night on rotation, I’m far more alert. I don’t have the usual yarning that people get between 2-4 am; I feel much more like my normal self. It’s night and day difference
Dr. Steven Hanovich
ICU Physician

Adjust bedtime

Lumos is a powerful tool to get back on track after a long weekend or late nights working
Martin M.

Rise & shine

As much as I like the Lumos Sleep Mask for traveling and time zone changes, I’ve found I like it even more for the Sunrise Alarm feature. The light slowly awakens me, so that when I get out of bed, I feel more refreshed and quite fully awake. In addition, the comfortable mask blocks out all other light, very much enhancing my sleep quality. This thing is my treasure!

Lightweight &

Portable &




Scientifically Crafted Solution for Better Sleep

Studies at Stanford University have demonstrated that short light flashes were effective in regulating human circadian clocks.

Science behind our Technology

  • Based on decades of research from Stanford University
  • Product development supported by NASA, DoD, and NSF
  • Tested in multiple human-subject studies (IRB-approved)

Hear what the users are saying

Hear how they used Lumos to solve jet lag, help with night shifts, fall asleep faster and wake up stronger, or change sleep timing between weekends and weekdays.

The Lumos Sleep System

Lumos Mask

With its sleek and comfortable design, the Lumos Mask makes it easy to rest easy.

Personalized sleep programs

No matter whether you are traveling across time zones or working graveyard shifts, or simply want to wake up feeling refreshed, Lumos will generate a personalized sleep program for you.

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