Our mission is to empower you to pursue your dreams and aspirations on your own schedule

At Lumos, our mission is to empower individuals to pursue their dreams and aspirations without compromising their sleep. 

“I started my Lumos journey during my time at Stanford, initially driven by a personal struggle with jet lag. After getting my Ph.D., I met Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, a renowned sleep scientist researching the human body’s internal clocks. Serving as the first guinea pig for our prototype, I experienced firsthand the transformative impact when, upon landing in Asia, I seamlessly adapted to the local time. I knew this was going to change many people’s lives. 

Over the years, my motivation to enhance sleep for both myself and those around me fueled the evolution of Lumos. The Sunrise alarm was designed to aid super snoozers like my husband, who now relies on it daily to conquer sleep inertia. Responding to the needs expressed by individuals inquiring about night shift support, we developed a dedicated module. Similarly, in response to requests for an early rising solution, we crafted a module to facilitate a transition into an early bird routine. After becoming a parent, my own struggles with nighttime wakeups inspired the creation of the Sleep Optimizer, designed not only for my benefit but also for others facing similar challenges in maintaining uninterrupted sleep. 

To me, Lumos has been a labor of love, shaped by personal experiences and a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life for people.

Here at Lumos, we stand firm in our belief that quality sleep is not a luxury but a fundamental pillar of a vibrant, healthy life. However, sleep should never hinder one's ambitions or aspirations. Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their dreams and ambitions without compromise. If you want to travel around the world, we want you to fully enjoy your trip free of jet lag. If you want to become a healthcare professional to save lives, we want you to choose the career without worrying about the impact of night shifts on your well-being. When you get up early in the morning to take care of your babies, we want you to be fully present for them. 

Through meticulous attention to scientific research and innovation, we strive to create a solution that supports the sleep for individuals across all professions and lifestyles. 

Lumos is dedicated to fostering a world where sleep is an enabler, not a limitation—a world where individuals can thrive, unhindered by the constraints of inadequate rest. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the way the world sleeps, empowering individuals to live their lives to the fullest, unencumbered by sleep-related barriers.” 

Biquan Luo, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, Lumos