Lumos Mask: A Game-Changer for Athletes – The Josh Kerr Case Study

Lumos Mask: A Game-Changer for Athletes – The Josh Kerr Case Study

In the world of professional sports, the difference between winning and losing can often come down to the finest margins. Every fraction of a second counts, and optimizing an athlete’s training, recovery, and performance can be the key to success. In this case study, we delve into the journey of professional runner Josh Kerr, and how the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask played a pivotal role in his incredible achievements.

The Athlete: Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr is not your average athlete. He is a Scottish professional runner for the US based Brooks Beasts Track Club and represents Team Great Britain internationally. He competes in the 1500m run and his accomplishments include winning the 2021 UK Championship, the 2021 Olympic Bronze medal, and the 2023 World Championship. Along with the Olympics, the World Athletic Championships are the most prestigious track and field competitions in the world. 


The Challenge of International Competition

Josh trains in the US, but major track and field competitions often take place in Europe and much of the main competition is European based. Thus, jet lag can be a major challenge for Kerr. Athletes crossing multiple time zones often need to arrive at their competition destinations weeks in advance to allow their bodies to acclimatize to new time zones. Similarly, the return journey after competing can disrupt training routines. These extended periods away from their training base can hinder an athlete’s preparation, where each day counts in the quest for excellence. 

In 2022, a particularly significant event for Josh was the World Athletics Championships held in Eugene, Oregon, an event second in importance only to the Olympics. To qualify for this prestigious competition, he had to earn a top three finish in his event, the 1500 meter run, at the UK Athletics National Meet. Notably, the UK 1500m national team is one of the most competitive in the world, with six male 1500m athletes ranked in the top 20 globally, according to World Athletics rankings. To maintain his training and altitude exposure, Josh needed to navigate a tight travel schedule around the UK National Championships.


How Lumos turned Mission impossible into success

To ensure that he could maintain his rigorous training and be in peak condition for competition, Kyle Pfaffenbach, Ph.D., the Nutrition and High-Performance Coach for the Brooks Beasts, recommended that Josh use the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask. This innovative device promised to reduce jet lag and improve sleep quality during travel.

For the 2022 UK National Championships, Josh flew from his altitude training base in New Mexico to Birmingham, UK, just three days before his opening round, a significantly shorter time than his usual travel schedule. He used the Lumos Mask the day before his journey, during the plane ride to the UK, and on his first night in Birmingham.

The results were impressive. Josh reported feeling great and well-rested after his first night in the UK, and his pre-meet workout was sharp and focused. He went on to win his 1500m semifinal and finished third in the final, securing his place on the UK World Championships Team. After returning to his altitude training base, Josh used the Lumos Mask to mitigate the impact of time zone changes and swiftly return to quality training. Just 21 days after arriving back in the US, he competed in the World Athletics Championships, finishing 5th overall in the world.


Continued success with Lumos

Josh Kerr’s journey with the Lumos didn’t end with his incredible journey at the 2022 World Athletics Championships. Our innovative solution continued to be a vital part of his toolkit for all his international competitions. In the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Josh showcased his unwavering dedication and exceptional talent by securing the men’s 1500m gold medal. With the Lumos Mask consistently helping him manage the challenges of international travel and jet lag, Josh Kerr stands as a shining example of how this technology can empower athletes to perform at their very best, regardless of the global stage on which they compete.


Testimonials: The Athlete’s Perspective

“I am based in the US, but I race often in Europe. With the Lumos mask, I am able to sleep uninterrupted on the first night of my arrival in a new country, and I feel great throughout the next day. Previously, this would require several days of adjustment. The mask also helps with my return travel, so that I can get back to training quickly. These small margins are critical in a competitive environment where fractions of a second can make a huge difference.”


Josh isn’t the only one with the success

While Josh Kerr’s success with the Lumos Mask is undoubtedly impressive, he’s not the only professional athlete benefitting from this groundbreaking technology. Numerous other athletes, including former world short track mountain bike champion Christopher Blevins, have harnessed the power of Lumos to enhance their training and performance. These elite athletes are realizing that the Lumos Mask isn’t just a competitive advantage; it’s a game-changer in their careers. Moreover, Lumos is reaching beyond track and field. As a finalist of the NBA Launchpad program and with a contract with the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA, the Lumos Mask is making inroads into basketball, further underscoring its versatility and effectiveness across different sports. The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask is proving that excellence knows no boundaries, and its influence continues to ripple through the world of professional sports.

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